Freelance Travel Writers

Moving from Thoughts to Words; Becoming A Full-Time Professional Freelance Travel Writer Is A Reality.

Freelance Travel Writers

There are some 5 billion web pages already on the internet today and that number is growing daily. Of those pages, freelance travel writers are responsible for only a small portion of them but that trend is seemingly changing. Hiring of experienced travel writers has increased and some of them are actually beginning to write full time. Travel retailers are the main area hiring these writers but professional blog writers using the services of Freelance Writers is a growing trend too.

Travel Writing

We are a business of retired professionals that travel across the country learning and growing as we go. What started as a hobby, and became a passion, has today turned into a full-time business that is as rewarding as any business could ever be. Do you like to see new places and meet new and interesting people? A career as a freelance travel writer just might be the ticket to a rewarding career with loads of travel and a life of discovery found surrounding each and every new days assignments.

Here at the freelance travel writers we each set our own hours and develop our own style of writing. We choose our assignments from a long list of topics found within an interesting category of travel ideas.

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