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There are some 5 billion web pages already on the internet today and that number is growing daily. Of those pages, freelance travel writers are responsible for only a small portion of them but that trend is seemingly changing. Hiring of experienced travel writers has increased and some of them are actually beginning to write full time. Travel retailers are the main area hiring these writers but professional blog writers using the services of Freelance Writers is a growing trend too.

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Traveling To Where People Wish They Were.

We are a business of retired professionals that travel across the country learning and growing as we go. What started as a hobby, became a passion and turned into a full time business as rewarding as any could be. All freelance writers set their own hours and develop their own content from a long list of topics found within an interesting category of travel ideas.

Freelance Writers are wanted.

Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge near Spokane WA.


Bob Jameson, Founder of the Freelance Travel Writer.Who Is the Freelance Travel Writer?

Alaska-based travel writer and photographer Bob Jameson spends nine months of the year creating living images of widely held travel destinations and writing about his adventures in numerous works online. In recent years, Bob has specialized in documenting family destinations and modes of travel. He has become a well-known voice for his exceptional work on affordable family vacations. While Bob spends much of his time in Alaska, he has recently undertaken invitational assignments and documented lesser known destinations both through photography and journalism. Most recently, he has traveled the western states from Alaska to the Arizona and from the California coast to the shores of the Mississippi River.


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The Professional Freelance Travel Writer

So you want to be a Freelance Travel Writer; read the 7 Shortcuts to become a Full-Time Professional Freelance Travel Writer to be sure this is the direction you want to go. The road is long and bumpy but the end results are beyond your wildest dreams.

The Freelance Writers Lifestyle

Travel writers live the lives most people just dream about: Life on the road is seldom what you expect; sometimes it's difficult and even miserable but thank goodness it most often is a rewarding and intriguing experience. Read Travel Writers Lifestyle.

Freelance Writers Wanted

Are you a seasoned traveler looking to share your experiences with others? Are you capable of accurately describing, in plain english, the places you have visited with honest and sincere assessment? This type of journalism should consist of both the good and the not so good aspects just as you wish to find on new places of interest before you go.

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